Here are some of the testimonials received over the years…

Hello Johanne,

I hope you’re okay!

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip to Portugal, thank you for allowing me to have a room alone! Although I greatly appreciate the company of my parents, I am sure that they too greatly appreciate not having me in their room :).

I also wanted to mention that I had a memorable trip to Portugal, not only is the country of exceptional beauty, but the service and quality of our excursions were appreciated by all the people in the group!

Thank you again! Wishing you a great day,


Hello Ladies Gervais,

My sister Lynda and I returned from our trip to Costa Rica (Discovery of Costa Rica) on September 5th and we wanted to express our appreciation.

First of all, know that we were delighted with the whole trip. What a great way to travel without worries and without having to follow the same group for the duration of the stay. A great organized travel formula while being free and self-reliant! We loved it.

From the beginning to the end of the trip, we never had to worry about our accommodations, our transportation and the planned activities. Everything went where we were supposed to be. Since our return, we have been touting your organization and the truly exceptional travel formula.

The length of stay for places to visit was perfect, neither too long nor too short. The only small change we would have made there would have been the stay in Monteverde which in our opinion was one day too many, which would have been moved elsewhere.

In Monteverde, after visiting Selvatura Park and walking through the tiny village that was quite far from our hotel given the huge coastline between them, the next day’s free day seemed lost. We believe that this day could have been moved at the very end of the stay, in San Jose to allow us to visit this city whose hotel was perfectly located in the heart of the city. Since we arrived there in the late afternoon of September 3rd and were due to leave it on the morning of the 4th, we seem to have missed an opportunity to walk around and visit some of the museums and architectural aspects of the capital. We believe that to have been able to enjoy a full day in this city would have been a nice complement to the discovery of the country.

As for the places visited, Lynda and I are delighted. We learned a lot about wildlife, flora, culture, agriculture, climate and history. The guides assigned to us were knowledgeable about their surroundings and just as interesting and passionate as each other.

Our biggest favorite is without a doubt Tortuguero, What an exotic! …. We would have taken more! Since we were only there 2 nights, we had to do a lot in one day since we took 2 additional activities, either kayaking and night out to the turtles. The laying of turtles was for us a memorable experience, rich in emotion since we were able to witness all the natural procedure that a turtle can perform in order to lay its eggs…

A little anecdote: on the day of our visit to Tortuguero Park, he indulged as National National Parks Day of Costa Rica, making sure that admission to the parks was free… so we didn’t have to pay for this activity…

If there is another activity (not included) that we can recommend, it is the day by catamaran in Manuel Antonio. We made the reservation from the El Faro Hotel, transportation, the ‘snak’, hot dinner as well as drinks, for about 5 hours of time between departure and return, all for the sum of $80.us, it was extra. We sailed on the shores on a sunny day, we bathed in the open sea, it was possible to snorkel, and we were lucky to see whales… Extraordinary day… Oh, really…

As for the hotels where we were staying, out of the six, only one we liked less. This is the Country Lodge Hotel in Monteverde. The hotel being located far too much in the mountains making it not easily accessible for walking trips. Also, the soundproofing from room to room is greatly lacking in this hotel (I thank you for the noises we could hear), not to mention that there was an incessant noise all day (toc que toc que toc that toc toc toc …) coming too where or what. The room we had was very close to the gravel street, you could hear any vehicle moving around. It’s also the place where we enjoyed the least the cuisine which was rather ordinary…

If you’re interested, you can find the reviews that lynda has written on TripAdvisor.

And finally, we also wanted to let you know how pleasantly surprised we were with the flights on Copa Airlines. An airline that was, until then, unknown to us and for which we had some fears at the start… Everything was done in order, no delays, no loss of luggage, impeccable service at the check-in desk and on board the plane…

So congratulations for your beautiful work and thank you for everything!! We will be sure to give you a reference if the opportunity arises

I’m looking forward to it!

Christiane Allaire

Lynda Allaire

September 14, 2018

Hello Johanne, I take a few minutes to convey our comments and appreciations about our trip to Costa Rica.At first, the schedules of planes and shuttles were respected. No glitch or misadventure to tell. It’s already a good start. Our apartment la casa del sol was great (albeit a bit far from the airport. 5 hrs by bus to get there). Still, Casa Del Sol is a great place. The building has 4 apartments,We had the most spacious. The place is very well maintained. There’s a dug-out pool. A terrace, B.B.QA cazebo. Very quiet and a short walk from the sea, the school and the city centre. Air conditioning in the room and the bed very comfortable. I recommend La Casa Del Sol has any point of vuelta. Same comments about Interculturality Samara Language school. Extremely Clean Places Super competent, humane, kind and dedicated teachers. Basically, we loved it.


The third photo is the one from the school. Thank you for helping to make one of our dreams come true.

Suzanne Lemieux

Richard Proulx

April 5, 2018

Poas volcano

Hello Johanne,

Here are my comments on the Spanish immersion trip to Grecia in April 2016

The villa:
It is an enchanting place, oasis of peace and tranquillity. Nature is fantastic, multitude of birds and beautiful fruit trees. The villa is very clean and quite functional, you can cook easily and it is very spacious.

The School:
It is located very close to the villa (a few minutes) and the premises are clean and quite adequate. The material is interesting, very complete exercise book. Teachers are professional and have a strong interest in student learning. In addition, they answer all our questions about activities, purchases that can be made… they provide us with all the relevant information for a pleasant stay.

The city:
It’s a very safe city. Given the absence of tourists, it really feels like home. No one stares at you or bothers us in any way. Whenever I asked for information from people in the city, they were very friendly and very happy to help us.

The country:
This country gives us access to incredible natural diversity. We went to the sea, visited a volcano, went to visit a botanical garden, bathe in thermal waters, visited a garden with animals and waterfalls…

I recommend this trip without any hesitation among other things for the excellent service of Johanne Gervais. She was widely available and provided us with all the information necessary to prepare and succeed for this trip.

May 15, 2016

Los Chorros

Los Chorros

Villas Azeleas

Villas Azeleas

Villas Azeleas

Villas Azeleas

Eglise Grecia

Grecia Church


I’m on my last day in Costa Rica. I loved the experience and I will recommend it to my friends. Thanks for the activity recommendations, they corresponded to my tastes as a photographer.

Richard Lévesque
8 ThY, 2016

Hello Johanne,

Here I am back from my trip to Costa Rica. I came back really delighted with the beautiful discoveries I made during this trip

As agreed, here is a short assessment of my stay with Diego.

Diego is a person I highly recommend. He is a trusted person, who is totally dedicated to the people he accompanies. He speaks good English, has a great knowledge of the nature and tourist aspects of Costa Rica. Moreover, in my case, he quickly understood that they were the objectives of our Village Monde foundation and was able to explain them well to our interlocutors. He was a very valuable help and is largely responsible for the success of my mission.

Hopefully this assessment can help. Cordial greetings,

March 29, 2016

Hello Johanne,

Back from our trip to Morocco, I come, as promised, to give you our appreciation.

Know that we have come back delighted with your stay in Morocco. Hotels of impeccable cleanliness, comfortable beds, excellent food, typical and welcoming restaurants and what about breathtaking landscapes from snowy mountains to arid and desert fields…. oases, mosques, architecture with the history that comes with it. In the company of Khalid, an exceptional guide for his generosity, his attentions and his historical and often funny anecdotes, his traditional costume, his shoes always well waxed, he delighted the whole group.

It is with great enthusiasm that we will recommend your agency and the “Tour Discovery of Morocco”.

Best regards,

Michelle Piché
March 26, 2016

Hello Johanne, It was a very rewarding experience. On the one hand for learning the language, and on the other the daily life with the family and volunteering at the daycare. Hannah was a great help. The people of Costa Rica are very welcoming and warm. Thank you for everything Johanne and I will not fail to refer your work to people wishing to experience the same thing. Steve C.14 March 2016

Hello Mrs. Gervais,

My daughter Catherine Dussault just returned from Costa Rica on Monday,
His journey was wonderful. She was well followed and accompanied and she now speaks Spanish very well.

Your listening and understanding Faced with us, worried parents, is greatly appreciated.
If, however, other parents wanted information, please refer us.

Thank you for your professionalism and maybe to the next

Marie Laliberté
Saturday, April 29, 2015

Joanne Querida,

When I return to Quebec, I would like to express my satisfaction with the stay you have organized for me at aC-CE in Grecia.

Teachers are competent and disciplined. The curriculum is tailored to each student’s knowledge; The school environment is modern and friendly; the atmosphere is serious while being informal. The teaching materials are simple and effective, dispensed with smiles and kindness. What more could you ask for? As for the setting of stay in small villas(casitas)with its welcoming gardens, it is simply pleasant.

In addition, Alejandro, Diego (and the staff of the villas including Marlisa and the guide Hugo) are as considerate as they are helpful.

I plan to return to continue my apprenticeship next year or the following year, depending on my family circumstances. In that case, I will again call upon your benevolent services.

Hasta proxima,
Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hello Johanne,
Already back! These 10 weeks have passed at lightning speed.
I enjoyed my stay, especially the school, there is a professionalism that honors them. For next year, I already have an idea where I will live but I will talk to you about it in the summer.
Thank you for the excellence of the service.
I’ll give you a well-deserved 10/10.
March 18, 2015


I returned on March 10 from a 16-day stay in Costa Rica. I lived in a family and attended the Spanish course at the AC Academy. This. It is a school with first-class facilities and competent staff. The city of Grecia is a beautiful little town, very well suited for learning Spanish. The climate is very pleasant at this time of year and the population welcoming. I was able to do some sightseeing with our excellent guide Hugo as well as with my family tica.

In addition, Ms. Gervais, you provided me with some very relevant information prior to departure. Booking the trip was very simple.

Laurent Séguin


March 16, 2015

Hello Johanne, I loved my trip, I have to leave.
I would like an immersion stay.
I love you Johanne,Azedine, France15 March 2o15

Hello Johanne, thank you for this organization… It was wonderful despite the way we didn’t see Poas
Everything else is perfect… I’ll refer you to you… I already have requests

March 11, 2015

Hello Mrs. Gervais,

I came back on Sunday and everything went well.

First, Hugo came to meet me on Sunday, January 25th and brought me back to the airport as planned on Sunday, February 1st. In addition, he has oriented me well with regard to the school and the city of Grecia.

The welcome to school by Alejandro and Diego was very warm.
The school wasn’t very busy last week so I found myself alone with my teacher Natalia. She is very kind and competent and, therefore, the experience was very rewarding.

Also, as Grecia is not a tourist town, you have to speak Spanish and I think it is a very good site for a language school. The villa where I resided is very clean and safe. In addition the site is very beautiful.

So a very positive experience and I would recommend it without hesitation.

Thank you and have a good day
February 3, 2015

Here’s a testimonial from Sylvie

Hello! I went to a host family and enjoyed my experience. I recommend this school to all for their professionalism and the people who teach us, I recommended this experience to friends and clients as well.

This school is very well located and close to everything, I have not had the chance to volunteer for lack of time but a friend of mine yes, if you wish these references it will be my pleasure to pass them on to you.

Yes there are participants of all ages, if you choose to live in the villas there is a public swimming pool not far away otherwise ask the family.

A month is not too much. With Johanne you will be very well supervised for this trip

I loved this place so much that I go back in April with my friend who went there in August and my spouse.

Vida Pura!!
October 13, 2014

Hello Johanne,

The message aims to give you an account of my language stay in Costa Rica from January 12 to January 26.

I loved the ACCE school. All the staff are friendly, both the administration and the teachers. Claire and I were able to have our classes in the morning or evening, depending on our volunteer work with the elderly. In short, a 10 out of 10 for school.

I’m very happy with my experience. I was able to use Spanish for the rest of my trip to Costa Rica.

To the pleasure,

February 16, 2014

Hello Johanne,
I’m delighted with my immersion. Everything is going the way I wanted it to. The teachers are competent and the family is charming. I’ve made lifelong friends. They’re very endearing.

I’ll be back on March 6th and I’ll call you.
February 10, 2014

Just a quick note to give you feedback from my immersion stay in Costa Rica.

Tour regarding the school, the courses, the teachers, the administration, the staff I give a score of 10/10. The teachers are competent and Alejandro and Diego are very nice and always there when they are needed.
We were only Francine and I with a teacher, it was great for learning. In addition the excursions offered were all very well organized and well organized.

Thank you Johanne for organizing this trip which overall was very good and which allowed me to improve my Spanish.

January 29, 2014


Mady testimony

You advised me very well. I had a dream week. The surf camp team is great, my surf teachers, Marcel Maduro and yoga, Jennifer Saunders, were awesome and caring with me. The hotel service impeccable. I did a horseback ride to the Oceanranch Ranch which was fine. So happiness!

Merry Christmas, I will refer you to other customers! I love Costa Rica and will definitely return!

Mady, December 23, 2013

Sylvie Bellemare's story about her travel experience in Costa Rica


I would like to share my impressions of my trip to Costa Rica.

The whole thing can be summed up in one word Magnificent !!!! This trip made me discover proud and warm people. A beautiful flora and fauna with a diversity That I have never seen anywhere else.

The ACCE school is the perfect place for learning Spanish, you will be supervised in a very professional way.

Special thanks to Johanne who offers us a very efficient service and who knows how to answer all our questions. A big thank you to the entire team of ACCE, Diego, Alejandro, Marianela and Hugo who know how to pass on all their knowledge and passion.

An unforgettable experience!!!

Costa Rica will see you very soon!!!!

Sylvie Bellemare, November 2012
Travel advisor
Rainbow Travel, Three Rivers

Hello and thank you Johanne for making me know the ticos. A warm and welcoming people. And what about the landscape… to couple the breath. I was in a family and from the first few seconds I felt at home. For Spanish lessons still the lot of fun I made a friend of my teacher I did some activities such as: coffee tasting, the beach of Manuel Antonio and its national park … good memories. Here are some pictures… and as Pura Vida Costa Rica ticos say!

February 2013

RDemeules-Costa Rica

R. Demeules

RDemeules-Costa Rica

My teacher

RDemeules-Costa Rica

The church of Grecia

RDemeules-Costa Rica
RDemeules-Costa Rica
RDemeules-Costa Rica

We come back from Costa Rica, family trip. This country is just great, with a well-balanced dose of different activities and breathtaking scenery. We were lucky enough to have johanne’s recommendations and suggestions that made our trip a definite success.

For lovers of nature, forest, animal kingdom, Costa Rica meets your expectations. The mountains and the sea are a magical duo.

A visit is required.

Michel P., Laurentians
February 2013

877 (2)

Far from the “traditional all-inclusive” we have experienced as a family the formula of linguistic and cultural immersion, this family experience was very rewarding.

On site, we met very welcoming and professional people as well as a passionate, true source of inspiration Madame Oky of the green farm.

Thank you Johanne for introducing us to this beautiful corner of the country in linguistic immersion.

Guyléne, Alain and Noémie
December 2012

Suzanne Thibeault

Good evening

Just a quick note to tell you that I am delighted with everything: School, welcome, teachers, housekeeping, cleanliness, lunches, the city, the small green farm and its owner, temperature, WiFi access everywhere …

I work hard to learn because I am a beginner but the changes in only 3 days are amazing.

I attach some photos and thank you for your support, you have done a remarkable job and I would advise all my friends who want to learn Spanish to get in touch with you.

Thank you very much!

Suzanne Thibeault
January 2012


I really enjoyed my experience with the Spanish Academy. As a social worker by profession, I volunteered for 3 days at an elderly centre and an orphanage.

All this was organized in advance by Johanne Gervais. Johanne is very professional

Mariette Paradis
February 2011


Thank you Johanne! Your work has made our trip truly fantastic. Thank you!
Jean-Luc Synnot, Professor of Physical Education
CE Pouliot High School, Gaspésia
Student Travel, July 2010


Johanne’s service: More than perfect.
Really valuable and available – than normal. Five stars!

Annie, French teacher
CE Pouliot High School, Gaspésia
Student Travel, July 2010

Student, CE Pouliot High School, Gaspésia

Johanne you’re a hot one! Oh, yes!

I loved my trip, it was the best experience of my life. Thank you!

Stephen B, Student
CE Pouliot High School, Gaspésia
Student Travel, July 2010

Student, CE Pouliot High School, Gaspésia

I loved it and I have the sting of the trip!

Felix O’Connor, Student
CE Pouliot High School, Gaspésia
Student Travel, July 2010


You were great Johanne!

We love you very much!

Maryssa Brodeur, Student
CE Pouliot High School, Gaspésia
Student Travel, July 2010


I loved my experience.

Everything has to be kept like this!

Jean-Phillipe Samuel, Student
CE Pouliot High School, Gaspésia
Student Travel, July 2010

CE Pouliot High School, Gaspésia

I loved my trip! Must-haves: CCEA staff!
Our guide, Johanne, was wonderful and we loved being in her presence!

I want to come back in 2 to 5 years (After ceGEP or University)

Flore-Mégane Cloutier, Student
CE Pouliot High School, Gaspésia
Student Travel, July 2010

CE Pouliot High School, Gaspésia

Johanne is perfect! Hugo is a person who has easy contact and he is very appreciated.

I loved it and I want to come back.

Olivier Villeneuve, Student
CE Pouliot High School, Gaspésia
Student Travel, July 2010


Johanne is a great guide. She is social, friendly and we can max our trip with her.


You’re a great guide Johanne.

Roberto Fournier, Student
CE Pouliot High School, Gaspésia
Student Travel, July 2010

Student, CE Pouliot High School, Gaspésia

I really liked the experience, I would do it again anytime!

Stephanie, Student
CE Pouliot High School, Gaspésia
Student Travel, July 2010

To Johanne,

Thank you very much for this stay, very lively and very friendly.
Don’t lose your skills as an animator, you must continue in this way and especially in Costa Rica.

Robert, France (Britain)
November 2006

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the activities we have done and for all the laughs! I loved my time in Grécia!

Amelia, Quebec
November, 2006


The return from the holidays was quite hectic, a lot of work to make up.
It’s always the same, before we leave we put the double bites and the same scenario repeats itself on the return.

Many people have asked us for our impressions on our trip, after 20 minutes they are convinced that we loved it and after 45 minutes he wonders when we will return. Our enthusiasm is palpable and contagious I hope. They are very impressed that we had a private guide to our activities.

A and again thank you for this beautiful trip

Bruno Hébert,
August 2006

Hi Johanne,

I hope you’re okay and the whole family is okay! We life has resumed its daily routine. The last two weeks have been quite hectic because we’ve seen our world again, but now it’s starting to calm down. We’re going back to work next week !!! In any case, we can say that we had a great summer this summer. It’s been a really amazing trip! Thank you again on behalf of the 4 for all you have done for us. You’re really cool!

See you again!

August 2006

My dear Johanne,

I don’t know how to thank you for the unforgettable stay I had in Grécia during my 6 weeks of vacation. It was a wonderful stay filled with adventures, relaxations, new sensations and above all to meet great.

Johanne, you are a fairy; You have a knack for giving taste to the most extreme activities; you managed with a magic baquette to turn my fears into pure pleasure. Thanks to you Johanne, I discovered activities I never imagined before.

What more can you ask for on holiday? If I had to do it again, I would not hesitate for a second.

Valerie, Carcassonne France
June 18, 2006

That tal Grecia!

Nuestro saludos cordial y abrazos mas proudtes les enviamos desde Caracas. Porfa, mandenlos a todos los amigos que conocimos.

Llegamos bien, y ahora nos falta el bello clima de Grecia y sobre todo su mas amable de sejarnos feel in la casa …

Realmente teniamos una semana muy bonita por todo, y a todos !!!

Otra vez muchissimas gracias por todo, y a todos…

Hasta Luego!

Andi y Sebastien
July, 2006


Thank you for everything, thank you for being there for me, thank you for accepting me as I am! You have done a great deal for me and I am extremely grateful. I don’t know how much to thank you. You have given so many colors to this adventure and you have allowed me to enjoy every moment. I go home with mile and a story to tell. I will never forget those two weeks in Costa Rica.

Do you remember when I said that the unexpected is one of the best moments of our lives? You’re probably the most beautiful unforeseen event that’s ever happened to me! Remember that extraordinary people are willing to do more than ordinary people!

Thank you again and again! I hope we keep in touch and who knows?

Maybe it’s just a ”Next time!” I’m kissing you hard.

Muchas Gracias!


Audrey, Quebec, Canada