Portugal - Self-drive tour 15 Jours / 14 nuits
From 1699 $ per person (tax included)

•  Manor and Country Houses stay • Daily Breakfasts • 2 Wine Tastings

•  Car rental  •  Price for Land portion  •  Tour with flight on request

Pinhal Novo: 2 nights Beja: 2 nights Borba: 2 nights Fundao: 2 nights Sabrosa: 2 nuits - Celorico De Basto: 2 nights Ponte De Lima: 2 nights

Anyone with a sense of history and a desire to discover the real Portugal will be captivated by the treasury of experiences offered by manor and country houses, where timeless muse whispers from every corner and the nostalgia of the past blends with the comfort of the present. On this self-drive tour take a full advantage of the freedom to relax with a good book under the shade of a blooming magnolia tree or to explore the scenic beauty of the country roads, to wander in solitude through sun-dappled vineyards or have a romantic gastronomy dinner in a wine cellar.


Portugal - Guided tour 8 Jours / 7 nuits
From 1899 $ per person (tax included)

4-Star Hotel Accommodation with breakfast • Air-conditioned coach or minivan •  Profesional tour guide  •  Mid-size group of 25 passengers  • Entrance fees  • Price for Land Portion  •  Departure guaranteed with min 2 passengers

Lisbon : 2 nights Fatima: 1 night - Porto : 3 nights - Urgeiriça : 1 night 


Portugal - Guided tour 6 Jours / 5 nuits
From 1499 $ per person (tax included)

4-Star Hotel Accommodation  •  Daily breakfasts  •  Land Transportation  •  Departures guaranted in English

•  Price for Land Portion    Tour with Flight on request 

Lisbon : 2 nights Evora: 1 nightLagos : 2 nights 


Portugal - Tour of Portugal 9 Jours / 8 nuits
From 1309 $ per person (tax included)

• Overnight in Charming Manor Houses  •  Daily Breakfasts  •  4 Dinners at the Manor Houses  •  Wine Tastings

• Car Rental  •  Price for Land Portion  •  Tour with flight on request

Ponte De Lima: 2 nights - Guimaraes: 2 nights Sabrosa: 2 nights -  Anadia2 nights

Deep in the Minho and Douro Valleys lay elegant Manor Houses - the hidden gems of Portugal. The Houses storied past is told through their architecture and antiques, sure to please country style lovers. The relaxing vibes of the estates' vineyards are the perfect souvenir to bring back home. The devoted owners are always ready to share with the guests in-depth knowledge about Portugal's of-the-bitten paths attractions.


Portugal - Tour of Portugal 3 Jours / 2 nuits
From 949 $ per person (tax included)

Hotels 4 * with breakfast  •  Air-conditioned bus or minivan  •  Professional tour guide  • Departure guaranteed with minimum 4 passengers

Tomar : 1 night - Sintra : 1 night

On this historical tour, we follow in the trail of the Knights Templar. Having arrived in Portugal in the time of Countess Teresa, the mother of Portugal’s first king, Afonso Henriques, the Knights Templar were present at many of the landmark moments in the history of Portugal, ranging from its foundation as a nation and the construction of its identify through to the period of maritime discoveries. The Order’s cross remains until today the symbol of the Portuguese Navy and Air Force. We shall be visiting monuments, reliving past events and speaking of the figures that will open up the history of both this Order and the European nation that has the longest standing permanent borders.

DOURO RIVER CRUISE - Porto / Régua / Lamego / Porto

Portugal - River cruise 2 Jours / 1 nuits
From 459 $ per person (tax included)

• 2-Days Cruise on Douro River • 2 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches and 1 Dinner •  1 Night in a regional hotel

• Port Winery Tour with sampling • Historical and spiritual offshore excursion •  Flight not included

Porto - Régua - Lamego – Porto

Discover the magical surroundings of Douro river this cruise has to offer. Experience the yin side of the Iberia stralling the serene vineyard. Enjoy the cultural and spiritual enrichment on this historical tour.

DOURO RIVER CRUISE - Porto / Régua / Barca de Alva / Porto

Portugal - River cruise 2 Jours / 1 nuits
From 489 $ per person (tax included)

  2-Days Cruise on Douro River • 2 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches and 1 Dinner •  Port Winery Tour with sampling 

• 1 Night in a regional hotel • Flight on request

Porto -  Régua - Barca de Alva - Porto